About LaVie

“In service of humanity by building a future as it should be and not as it is.”

No matter where who you are and where you come from and what your experiences are If you believe, we will help you realize dreams.

We are an organization that is environmentally friendly while being socially responsible. To have the highest ethical standards, build transparent long-lasting relationships.

Our goal is to provide Life Enrichment by helping people attain financial freedom, create generational wealth while providing a medium to spend quality family time and build memories.


Meet the team



Donnie decided to start his own business, hoping to better the lives of others. Donnie has multiple years of experience in Biomedical Research, Sales Management and Consulting. After completing his Doctorate of Biomedical Sciences at the University of North Texas, he went on to complete his Post-Doctorate at University of Texas Southwestern, in Dallas, TX. Now he calls Texas home. As the husband of a very proud wife, a father of four amazing kids (3 girls, 1 boy) and a girl dog, he is greatly outnumbered at home. Donnie loves to spend his free time with family, and when he gets the chance you will find him jamming out to some heavy metal music on his guitar. Donnie’s true passion is helping others, which is a reward in itself for him.


Jessica Rozario

Jessica jumped into this Family Owned Business adventure with her husband Donnie with pure excitement of building something as a family. With her passion for spending time with her family and friends, as well as serving others, the opportunities are endless. Through this passion, her goal is to use her platform to help steer children away from generational poverty and help them thrive and reach their goals. Jessica is starting this adventure by heading our Marketing, as well as our personnel. Yes, she is working towards your experience with LaVie being a great and seamless one!


Rebecca Jella

Rebecca is an experienced CPA,CA in the Aerospace industry. She is driven by quality, integrity, excellence and an unwavering commitment to helping and serving others. Rebecca graduated with a Bachelors of Commerce in Accountancy, and went on to receive a Graduate Diploma in Chartered Accountancy from the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University Montreal . Rebecca is passionate in furthering the vision of La Vie, as well as providing the best experience and lifestyle choices for our customers in the long term. In her “spare” time, Rebecca enjoys photography and her two beautiful sons. She is also an amazing story teller and a great cook. The joy and vibrancy she brings to LaVie is incomparable.


Timothy Rozario

Timmy comes to the company directly from the bleeding edge of building technology. Timmy began his career as an Engineer, but decided to go back to school to complete his Masters in Computer Science and a PhD in AI Engineering at the University of Texas, Dallas. When Timmy is not busy being a Dad to his two amazingly witty sons, he’s out in the world providing AI Solutions for smart health, smart homes, etc. Timmy’s goal for La Vie is that we see what he sees… It’s not about what you say or even what you do, but how you make people feel. For him, LaVie was created for that, to make you feel great!